Unit Trust





Shoba’s current services include advising her clients on financial plans which will secure their future.
The importance of planning for retirement given the constantly evolving economic climate.
The importance of educating young people to plan and invest for their children’s future education, more so, given that it is now statistically proven and accepted that the fees required for educational purposes is rapidly increasing disproportionately to the income earned in both the private and public sector.
To educate individuals on the importance of saving for the future.
Will Writing for Muslims and Non-Muslims
The importance of instructing and enlightening people on the need for the execution of a ‘Will’ or ‘Surat Wasiat’.
Shoba started her career as a full time employee with an international and reputable bank. As years went by, she realised that many individuals did not seem to be aware of the benefits of investing, however small a sum on a monthly basis, towards achieving financial stability. With the ultimate goal of wanting to improve and enhance the lives of these individuals, Shoba decided to venture into Unit Trust under Public Mutual Berhad.
Public Mutual Berhad was founded on July 21 1975. It is Malaysia’s most dominant private unit trust company with solid support from its parent company, Public Bank Berhad.
Shoba started as a part-timer, little realising the benefits of unit trusts at the time. Having ventured into it, it certainly did not take Shoba long to understand its advantages both from a moral and financial standpoint.
Shoba became a full time agent with Public Mutual in 2013. She is now a firm believer in the motto that “Today’s Investment Is Tomorrow’s Profit ”

Shoba’s Objectives
  • To provide sufficient financial knowledge towards empowering the client
  • To create future financial independence

Shoba’s Aims
  • To render excellent service
  • To help grow the clients’ investment portfolios towards creating a legacy/ accumulation of wealth
  • To make clients understand the power of diversity (eg: to not put all of one’s eggs in one basket!)
  • To make clients understand the concept of Unit Trusts (eg. investing with better returns).
  • To create awareness of the need for financial planning for the future


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