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Airestec provides a Complete Scientific & Total Systematic De- Contamination with Multi-Enzyme pH 7.0 (Neutral), Food Grade, Non GMO Multi-Enzymes, Halal Certified, Bio, Green and Eco Label Technology and Treatment solution on HVAC / Air-Conditioning / Refrigeration systems in removing and protecting the growth of bacteria, fungal and mould to enhance human health & quality of life, improve IAQ, protect equipment (prevent asset damage) and maintain energy & system efficiency. Aireste comes with a 12 months warranty.
Contamination leads to increased levels of micro-organisms that circulate through the air-conditioning system several hundred times a day and cause a range of health complaints, including asthma, allergies, fatigue, immune suppression, respiratory complaints, lung infections, throat irritation, difficulty in concentration, food spoilage and product/equipment contamination. It is safe for occupants and applicators, wastewater plants, eco/aqua system and is non-destructive to rubber and plastics.
Airestec has a track record of over 25+ years in multi-enzymes and is a market leader in providing enviromentally friendly high end products and services in protecting the world from contamination and infection specifically for HVAC/Air-Conditioning/Refrigeration Systems and numerous other benefits.
After retiring from a long career in technical services at Universiti Malaya, Rasanayagam pursued his business interests vis-àvis business advisory and networking services. Currently, Rasanayagam is involved in business development for Airestec Sdn. Bhd.(Airestec) Rasanayagam is also active in a number of NGOs & Sports Associations.


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