About Us

A Brief & History - Going Forward

The inspiration to start a formal organization to promote the concept of business and entrepreneurial spirit among the Malaysian Jaffnese Tamil community was mooted in early 2009 and championed by Hj Muhammad Arif Bin Abdullah (Eric Kanapathy), Yogeswaran Lankasundram, Kanageswary Karthikeyan, Lingamoorthi Seevaratnam and Rajendran Thiagarajah. Friday the 13th was indeed auspicious as on that evening in 2009, the inaugural meeting was held at the ‘Kedai Makanan Sentul’ in Kuala Lumpur. The initial name proposed and used was the “Malaysian Ceylonese Business Club” or MCBC in short.

Subsequently, there was experimentation in the timing, day of week and venue in order to maximize convenience to facilitate optimum attendance. MCBC meetings were then shifted to ‘1st Mile Bistro’ on Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur and held weekly on Saturday mornings at 7:00 am before a change in frequency resulted in fortnightly meetings.

24th October 2011 was an important milestone for the business club which saw the registration, successful re-branding and emergence of the Malaysian Jaffnese Tamil Business Association (MJTBA) as an officially recognized non-governmental organization. That recognition proved to be the catalyst which would spur the growth of MJTBA. MJTBA is now widely recognized as the most prominent and dynamic business networking association within the Malaysian Jaffnese Tamil community with a membership that has expanded to more than 20 business professions from multiple industries. Since inception, countless business referrals and acquaintances have been established through MJTBA resulting in some RM3 - 5 million ringgit revenue collectively for its members.

In 2015, MJTBA, in its quest to further elevate financial growth amongst its members, took a bold step to incorporate associate members of non-Jaffnese origin. The amendments are currently pending the approval of the Registrar of Societies. It is anticipated that this will spur the growth of this organization even further and simultaneously propel MJTBA towards becoming one of the foremost business networking associations in Malaysia.

Membership is always open to new members who fulfill the criteria as enshrined in the Association’s constitution. It is to be noted that the Association seeks to limit membership to one member per business or profession or specialty before consideration need be given to the formation or creation of a new Chapter. If you would like to know more about MJTBA, please contact Yuvan Kumar, MJTBA Secretary 2015/2016 on +6012-2901523 or via email info@mjtba.com

Meetings are now held fortnightly on Tuesday evenings at 8:00pm in Petaling Jaya.

Staying grounded to our roots, MJTBA hopes to conduct its fortnightly meetings at the Malaysian Ceylonese National Community Centre (MCNCC), currently under construction, by the end of 2016.

To promote, develop and nurture entrepreneurship amongst business persons and professionals of Jaffnese Tamil origin internationally with the primary aim of promoting their economic & social interests.

In the central background of the Association’s logo is the proud upright Palmera tree, a traditional symbol of steely determination to withstand any adversity, and further, of durable prosperity with fruitful abundance

The handshake in the foreground embodies friendship and trust, with the intent to transact at the highest standard of integrity

The two clasped hands denote businessmen coming together for mutual benefit without any candour or sense of discrimination against any race, creed or gender

The background in blue and the circles around the central symbols hail the universality of the values espoused by all the members and in addition, of the aspirations to transact globally

The Bunga Raya in brilliant red represents all the Association’s members who are proud Malaysians of Jaffnese Tamil ethnicity